Thursday, May 21, 2009

a pretty life

So, I have been reading Soule Mama's
book, "The Creative Family", and it has sparked much discussion among my friends. After beginning the book, I have come to realize how much thought and effort she puts into the work she does with her family. But, is it for real or just a couple of pretty pictures and nice captions? For example, look at the photo on the right. Esmé is wearing a dress that I made for her and holding a beautiful flower, right? Actually, she was very sick that day and was unable to attend school. Her face is not in the photo because it was plastered with snot. And, I told her very specifically not to pick that flower, but she did regardless. However, none of these details appear in the photo. 

In fact, I could have described it by using whimsical language such as: Here is Esmé strolling through the garden in Amy Butler's Easy Empire dress. The sun was just begging us to pick flowers that afternoon. Instead, I choose not to do that. My point is, my life's not that pretty, but with the right lighting and a good camera it can look that way for one/120 of a second.

So, what do you think? About Soule Mama,  pretty pictures, mother guilt and blogs? I would like to expand this discussion further in another post as well  once I get some feedback.


  1. I waited forever to get that book out of the library, but once I had it, I looked through it and got frustrated that I'd never be able to do all that, gave up, and returned the book. I still look at the lovely pictures on her blog all the time and wish I could be like that even if I don't really believe it is real.

  2. I have stopped reading at least half a dozen blogs because I was tired of the happy, happy, joyjoy crap all the time. I don't neessarily need sturn und drang allt he time either - in fact,t hat wold be equally tiresome. but REAL? Real would be nice.

    I also just read and (actually thoroughly enjoyed) The Gentle Art of Domesticity,, and I have to point out that, while it was pretty, also, pretty not real. I think.

    I agree with your assessment. I appreciate your honesty. That siad? I also like pretty ppics of Esme in cute clothes : )

  3. esme's dress is real nice. i had one like it once. i wore it at x-mas. it was cooter-cutter length. there is a picture of me wearing it standing at a coffee table. you are standing near me and michael is sitting on the floor, drooling.

    so you are saying that book is a book of lies...the lady who wrote is ugly, that's all i know.

  4. oh, the brown polka dot one. yes, i recall. this dress is different. i should post other pictures of it. more of a kimono style.