Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Long Time Ago

Just so no one is confused, this is a current picture of Esmé. I wanted to clarify prior to showing baby pictures of her. Also, this blog is not about her, but the things that I make (for her).

Here is a close up o the sweater. I am not crazy of the flash in the photo, but I like the detail and stitch definition. The nice thing about making items for babies is that they are small, so it's not a big headache to use US size 2 needles for a sweater. Intarsia looks so much better with small needles.
A little girl wore a sweater made by her mom. I couldn't wait to put Esmé in this outfit. I even planned the socks. I didn't make the socks.


  1. Nice. Can't believe you posted, considering how sick you are.

  2. oh no, are you sick? Is it swine flu?

    she is so adorable, I always want to chew on her. Is that weird?

  3. oh god! i was so mad at Greg for posting that! No, Really bad chest cold. But, I did quarantine myself.

    And no, it's not weird. Chew away.