Tuesday, June 2, 2009

no, not really Mother's Gay, but you get the idea

Here are the promised photos of the matching dresses. Mine is the Anna Tunic from Amy Butler. I love how the button panel turned out. The buttons came from Walmart! Although I try not to frequent this establishment, they were 50 cents! Can't beat that with a pig, no?

Esmé's is a simple pillow case dress. It has one nice sized pocket on the right side from collecting rocks, sticks and such. She prefers we wear our dresses together. Me? No, not so much.

This is a pilot hat that I made for my friend's new baby girl! I based the pattern on Hanna Andersson's pilot hat. Esmé wore them indoor and out for the first year of her life.

There are two hats. The lining is a soy/ organic cotton/ spandex knit, and the mushroom print is woven from Alexander Henry's Tilbrook collection. The ties are just bias tape. 
I hope to make one for my sister's little girl (yea!!!)!

I will soon report the progress on the diaper bag. It's quite a beast!

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