Monday, May 11, 2009

Almost All Better

This is the café curtain I made for Esmé's room.

Here is a close up of the delicious fabric.

Well-worn and well-loved living room pillows.

The back of my dining room curtains.

The full view of the dining room curtains.

Fabric boxes for the living room. Inside is Esmé's stuff, but looks more sophisticated with adult fabric, no? Maybe tomorrow I will find a copy of The Stranger and a pack of Benson and Hedges in the red flower one. It's her favorite.

So, I have not not been up to much except being ill. Fortunately, I have many photos of past projects to share. This one has a theme: Around the House. Enjoy! And, leave with the knowledge that I will be posting photos of the MATCHING dresses that I made for me and Esmé. The original plan was to post them on Mother's Day and entitle the post 
"Mother's Gay?" 


  1. Please still use the title Mother's Gay.

  2. nan agrees.
    also, nan wants to know where the pictures of paolo are.

  3. where is the post, i wanna see it!