Thursday, September 10, 2009

hot mess!

Ok, the main reason for this post is to get those hideous aprons off the top of my blog! I mean, I love the aprons, but those photos are terrible. Something was off with my camera because I was messing with the auto focus, but now all is well. And, here are some well-taken photos of knitting! "What?" you may ask, "You still knit?"
"Oh, sure. In fact, I am making this lovely multi-directional scarf for my dear sweet mother" I answer.
"Still? Wow, Amy, you've really lost it. You used to be such a fast knitter. I had assumed that you completed that project weeks ago!"
"Ha! It was all going along well until my sister's evil cat, Isabella Rodriguez, attacked the delicate two- stranded yarn. Now this is what my progress is after several hours of de-tangling:

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